COVID from EG.5 to ‘Iris’: New COVID variant symptoms

The new EG.5 corona mutant, known as “ Iris ” with “new COVID variant symptoms” have raised a state of global concern, after it was classified by the World Health Organization as an interesting variable, as it was monitored in more than 51 countries, and the symptoms of the new mutant of the Corona virus are similar to the symptoms of the virus prevalent since the start pandemic, while the Ministry of Health revealed the most important ways to prevent the new mutant EG.5  “Iris”.

new COVID variant symptoms

New COVID variant symptoms

New mutant of the Corona virus, which is the EG. 5 mutant , a secondary strain of the XBB strain that changes from the Omicron mutant, and the World Health Organization said that it is rapidly spreading and has been monitored in 51 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, and its cases have doubled over the past month.

The symptoms of the new mutant are similar to the basic symptoms of the Corona virus and its multiple mutants, including the Omicron mutator. The 05 common symptoms are as:

  • Sore throat.
  • Runny nose and obstruction.
  • Sneezing.
  • Coughing with or without phlegm.
  • Loss of the sense of smell & taste.

Sore throat

The first of these symptoms is sore throat which is the feeling of pain in the throat, especially when swallowing or speaking.

COVID From EG.5 to 'Iris': Exploring new COVID variant symptoms

Runny nose and obstruction

The Second common symptom, it is a runny nose and obstruction, as Covid-19 disease causes inflammation in the membranes lining the nose and sinuses and the occurrence of a runny nose, and these are common symptoms of the Omicron mutant more than the previous mutants of Corona, including Delta, and the reason is the presence of the Omicron mutant in the respiratory system. upper in the nose, throat and mouth, while the previous variables were transmitted to the lungs.

COVID From EG.5 to 'Iris': Exploring new COVID variant symptoms


The third common symptom is sneezing, according to a study published by the British non-profit organization Zoe Health, where sneezing comes as a common symptom, to expel mucus and particles that cause irritation in the nasal mucosa.

COVID From EG.5 to 'Iris': Exploring new COVID variant symptoms

Coughing with or without phlegm

The Firth common symptom is Coughing with or without phlegm is also a common symptom. According to expert estimates, about two-thirds of cough cases associated with COVID-19 are dry coughs, while coughing with mucus may also be a symptom of Covid.

COVID From EG.5 to 'Iris': Exploring new COVID variant symptoms

Loss of the sense of smell and taste

And the fifth symptom of the Corona mutant comes the loss of the sense of smell and taste, which is common in infection with Corona since the start of the pandemic, and there are some other symptoms associated with Iris, which are headache and muscle pain, while shortness of breath and fever are no longer among the main symptoms.

COVID From EG.5 to 'Iris': Exploring new COVID variant symptoms

The Ministry of Health said that, according to the Health Organization, the Corona variant does not seem to pose a greater threat to public health than other variants, and that scientific evidence says that the variant is more widespread, but it is not more severe and does not cause more disease burden on the infected.

Prevention of the new mutant

It is expected that international pharmaceutical companies will introduce new vaccines against the Corona virus and its new mutants , and there is a new vaccine for the Corona virus that may be presented in the next month.

The most important ways to prevent the new mutant and all Corona mutants, according to the World Health Organization, are obtaining the Corona vaccine and stimulatory doses, as well as wearing masks, staying in well-ventilated places, and following hygiene and disinfection instructions for surfaces and places in general, in addition to boosting immunity by obtaining Sufficient sleep and normal nutrition.

Tips by WHO 

The World Health Organization gave several tips, which are:

• Maintaining vaccinations for the most vulnerable groups
• Adhere to the precautionary measures
• The organization advises countries to report the presence of any cases, and to preserve the health gains that countries gained during the Covid period, in preparation for any emergency, such as wearing the mask & washing hands frequently.

And the Ministry of Health said, in a previous statement, that it had not been proven that there were cases infected with the mutated virus in Egypt, but that infection could occur at any moment, and the announcement will be made transparently.

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