Samsung’s Affordable Foldable Phone: What to Expect

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6’s Cheaper Version in the Works

Next summer, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will hit the scene, but for those watching their wallets in the pricey smartphone market, there might be a budget-friendly alternative coming.

Samsung's Affordable Foldable Phone: What to Expect
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Trendsforce’s analysis hints that due to a dip in the global smartphone market, Samsung is thinking about a more affordable version of its foldable phone. Speculations from sources like Tom’s Guide suggest that Samsung will introduce this budget-friendly phone under its Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip series, expected to launch in 2024, targeting the “mid-range market.”

In terms of cost, anticipate this economical Samsung foldable to fall in the $400 to $500 range, although that’s not set in stone. Despite the growing interest in foldables, they haven’t exactly been wallet-friendly. The current Galaxy Z Fold 5 commands nearly $1,800, and the Z Flip 5 is priced at $1,000.

Crafting foldable phones has been pricey, but according to a Samsung executive interviewed by Tom’s Guide, the production costs are decreasing. This suggests that in the future, we’ll likely see foldable smartphones sporting more budget-friendly price tags.

However, how affordable they’ll become is uncertain. Details about the rumored Galaxy model are scarce, so it’s wise to treat this news as speculation until confirmed by Samsung.

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